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Marketing 3 min, 54 s read

Video Marketing Trends for SMEs in 2024

The video marketing trends for SMEs in 2024 include short videos, user-generated content, educational videos, live streams, personalization, shoppable videos, and AR/VR technologies. Tools like Vidooly, TubeBuddy, Topaz Video Enhance AI,, StreamYard, and SeekXR optimize these processes. Storimake combines advanced technology and human talent to offer effective and personalized video marketing solutions. Learn more at Storimake.


Marketing 2 min, 53 s read

We analyze Red Bull’s content strategy

Red Bull’s marketing strategy stands out for turning its drink into a visual and emotional experience, positioning it in extreme sports and active lifestyle. The brand encourages participation in social networks, creating loyalty and community. By focusing on visual narratives where the can is scarce, it builds a universe around the brand. The constant innovation and adoption of new platforms demonstrate its ability to evolve, consolidating it as a marketing leader.

Andrea Di Gennaro

Marketing 3 min, 30 s read

Why create videos to promote your company?

The implementation of video-based marketing strategies boosts sales by creating emotional connections with customers, strengthening loyalty. Statistics support the effectiveness of videos in purchasing decisions, highlighting the importance of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram Reels. StoriMake offers a reliable tool for quality audiovisual content, essential in the current landscape where emotional connection plays a crucial role in the success of visual marketing.

Luna Bakker