Order a professional video in just a few minutes

We save you time with an intuitive and easy to use platform.
We make the process as easy as ordering an Uber.

Order a professional video in just a few minutes

Our technology allows you to immediately connect with the professional you need to create your video. The platform manages 360º of the process.

Get inspired
with other videos

Explore the full range of previous videos, getting ideas and settings that will serve as a basis for starting your project.

Manage your projects
from the platform

Easily access the status of your current and past videos, all in one place. Review your history, download past projects, or delete them in an instant.

at all times

Stay connected with your filmer, editor or our support team to resolve any issues. Service is always backed by the Storimake Guarantee.

your service experience

Choose between recording and editing, or editing only. Tailor your service to your specific needs and maximise the value for your personal or branded projects.

Details that
make a difference

Define the location, schedule and additional details so that your filmer arrives perfectly prepared. Add extra comments to ensure everything is as you need it to be.

your unique style

Customise the length, orientation, mood and pace of your project. Tailor each video to its intended use and give it your distinctive touch.

Your video,
your way

Express yourself fully with our customisation options. Attach files, add voice notes or additional comments for a unique experience.

Choose your video editor

Create to suit you: two options to choose your video editor, according to your preference. Agility with auto-assignment or customisation with your choice.

Streamline your editing with auto-assignment. Post your project, our team competes. The first editor who accepts, takes over. No additional costs, just speed.

You choose your editor:
Give it a personal touch. Select and connect with your editor, review examples, get the desired style. Option at extra cost.

Check out,
download and evaluate

Make the necessary revisions to adjust your project to your preferences. Download the final result and share your opinion with us.

How long does it take us to deliver your video?

The delivery of your video depends on the delivery time you have selected and the time it takes us to connect with your filmer and/or your maker. Once they have accepted the project (see the General section of this FAQ), the delivery clock starts ticking. In other words, if you have requested a 72 hour turnaround, that turnaround time will start running as soon as the filmer and/or maker have accepted your project.

For projects of 3 minutes or more, the delivery time will increase by 24 hours.

Choice of delivery times

72 hour delivery of the video is included in the price. If you select a 48-hour express delivery, you will be charged 50% of the maker price, i.e. the price for the recording will remain the same. In case of 24 hour delivery, you will be charged 75% of the price of the maker.

What happens if they don't deliver on time?

If we fail to deliver your video on time, you can request a refund by contacting us using the form in this help section.

What factors affect delivery time?

Delivery time can be affected by revisions, we guarantee a delivery time for the first revision. For additional revisions, it will depend on the type of revision you have ordered (see revisions section).

How do I cancel my video?

In My Purchase section you can cancel your video. Please note that our cancellation policies are as follows:

Up to 72 hours: Free cancellation
From 72 to 48 hours: 50% of the amount
From 48 to 24 hours: 25% of the amount
From 24 hours to the beginning of the recording: No refund

I need to make a complaint about my service

You can contact us through the contact form in the Help section.

The professional has cancelled a paid service

If it is a Filmer who cancels the recording, we will find another Filmer so that your service is not delayed. If it is a Maker, we will send you options of other Makers that you can choose from or use the auto-assignment. If none of these options suit you, you can request a refund.

The professional did not perform the service correctly

We take these cases very seriously, so you can request a 100% refund of your money. In addition, if the professional does not meet our service standards, they will be removed from our platform.