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Quick and easy video editing

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We believe in clear messages for extraordinary videos. We facilitate communication between you and your video editor, ensuring quality with simple steps.

  • Upload your content
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Upload your content
Choose your format
Choose your style
Choose your song
Choose editor

Agile video editing for winning brands

After uploading your content and contracting the service, we connect you with the best video editors according to your choice.
You can select them or let us do it for you.
When it's ready, review and download your video.

You can select them or let us do it for you.

When it's ready, review and download your video.

We let our work speak for us


Send your videos and forget about editing from 30€

● Instantly connect with professional editors through the platform.

● Videos for social networks, web, digital advertising and more.

● Order and review easily, with fast delivery.

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What is auto-allocation?

In auto-allocation, we will post the offer, filtered by the type of video you have chosen, in a curated marketplace of makers that match your needs and the first to take it will be your editor. We do this to ensure that the delivery of your video is as quick as possible.

In case the person recording the video is also an editor, we will prioritise the offer for him/her to edit it, in case he/she is not willing or able to do so, it will go to the previously mentioned market.

What does it mean for me to select my maker?

It implies that you want to select your editor and review their previous work. You have to take into account that the maker will be able to accept or reject your project, and will have 48 hours to do so. In case he/she rejects it, you will be able to choose another one (check the General>Editing section).

Final video duration

When you choose the length of your final video, you can choose 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and up to 5 minutes. However, this does not always mean that your videos will be exactly that long. They may be a little longer or a little shorter, depending on the material available. If you need an exact length, feel free to explain it in the notes you send to our freelancers.

Music - StoriMake Selection

The music we recommend is royalty free, so you can use it for commercial purposes such as advertisements, and for non-commercial purposes such as sharing on your social networks.

Music - Custom Selection

In case you want customised and copyrighted music, you can only use it for non-profit purposes, i.e. you can use it on your social networks for sharing, but not for advertisements. Remember that the use of your video is your responsibility (more information in Terms and Conditions).

Can I change the music of my video?

The answer is always yes, but remember that our video professionals edit according to the rhythm of the music. This element is essential for the editing of a video. That's why changing the music will have an additional cost and you will have to contact us.

How many revisions do I have included?

You will have 2 basic revisions included in the price of your video. For additional revisions, you will have to contact us and pay the price for them (€30 for basic revisions and 75% of the total cost of the video for structural revisions).

What are basic reviews?

A basic round of changes includes the removal or replacement of shots/effects/titles as well as any simple changes that do not affect the overall edition. It costs €30.

What are structural reviews?

A round of structural changes covers modifications to the structure of the video, such as changing the music or modifying entire parts of the edit. It is priced at 75% of the total price of the video (consider that making a structural overhaul means starting almost from scratch).

How do I make a review?

You will have a screen to review your project once the maker has uploaded the first version of your video. Here you can either accept the project, in which case you can download it, or request a review, in which case a form will open for you to leave your comments and changes once you have validated the type of review it is.

How long does my review take?

Basic revisions should be delivered 24 hours after you request them, but please note that weekends and holidays may affect these delivery times.
For structural revisions, you will need to speak directly with your maker to determine the turnaround time for your video.

Can I buy more reviews?

Yes, for this you will need to contact us through the form that will appear on your revisions screen.

Video download

Once you have completed the video and its revisions, you will be able to download it and use it for whatever you need. Don't forget that its use is your responsibility.