Cookies policy

This Cookies Policy contains clear and explicit information about the tracking technologies used on our STORI platform (hereinafter, “Platform”) by the Spanish company Storibros, S.L. (hereinafter, “Platform”). STORIBROS”), as well as the rights of the user who registers (hereinafter, the “User”) to restrict this use.

This Cookies Policy is part of our Privacy Policy, as well as our Legal Notice and our Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction

Our Platform uses cookies to manage its use by the User and to understand how people use it and thus be able to provide information about our services in a more personalized way to the User.

The use of our technical cookies is necessary so that the User can use our Platform, although we do not use any. Regarding the remaining cookies, the User can choose the category of cookies they wish to activate in the cookie banner that appears the first time they access our Platform.

This Cookies Policy describes what information these cookies collect, how we use them and why we use them. We also indicate how the User can restrict or block cookies so that they are not automatically downloaded to their computing device. However, this could impact certain elements of the Platform’s functionality regarding the configuration and more personalized screen presentation for the User, as will be detailed below.

2. What are Cookies?

These are small data files that are downloaded to the User’s device when accessing the Platform. Cookies allow the Platform to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of the User or their device and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize the User.

3. What type of cookies does the Platform use?

The cookies used on the Platform belong to the following categories:

  • TECHNICAL COOKIES (NECESSARY): are the cookies necessary for navigation and the proper functioning of the Platform. Their use allows you to enable the basic functions of the Platform such as correctly browsing the pages that comprise it. Without these cookies our Platform cannot function. The legitimate basis that allows us to collect your data through technical cookies is the legitimate interest with our user.
  • PREFERENCE COOKIES: these are cookies that are installed in order to personalize the User experience (that is, in the way in which certain windows will emerge or not in the User’s navigation) according to to the consents and preferences that, where appropriate, the User expresses during his navigation on the Platform, such as carrying out a control over the acceptance of this Cookies Policy by the User himself (this will mean that the will no longer appear >banner of cookie notice, with its corresponding acceptance or not, for the User). As in the case of analytical cookies, the legitimate basis that allows us to collect such data from the User through these preference cookies is the consent of the User.
  • ANALYTICAL COOKIES: these are cookies that allow statistics to be kept for the optimization of the Platform. They allow the User to be anonymously identified to keep an approximate accounting of the number of visitors and their trend over time, to know which contents are the most visited, to know if the User is new or is repeating a visit in order to introduce improvements based on analysis. of the usage data made by users of the Platform. The legitimate basis that allows us to collect said data from the User through these analytical cookies is the consent of the User.
  • ADVERTISING COOKIES: allow the management of advertising spaces based on different criteria. In some cases they may be cookies that track the browsing habits of Users to obtain a user profile that allows us to offer the information related to our Services that interests them most. The legitimate basis that allows us to collect said data from the User through these advertising cookies is the consent of the User.

Depending on who uses cookies, the cookies used on the Platform may be:

  • OWN COOKIES: These are cookies that belong to and are used only by STORIBROS, as editor of the Platform, for the purpose of remembering the User’s preferences while browsing the Platform. No third party has access to the information collected through the use of its own cookies.
  • THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: These are cookies that belong to third-party providers of technological services on the Platform. Its use is associated with analytical treatments on the use that the User makes of the Platform or personalize the user experience within the Platform, carried out both by STORIBROS and by the cookie providers detailed in the table in the following section.

In the table in the following section, we show the particular cookies that are used on the Platform, informing them of their name, type, owner, the purpose for which they are used, the categories of data collected by each cookie and when they expire.

5. Blocking or deleting cookies

If the User wishes to delete the cookies registered by our Platform from their browser, in general, they must go to the Preferences or Settings menu of the browser and look for the Privacy section. As an example, the User can follow the following instructions:

6. Contact

If you have any questions about our cookies, the User may contact us by email at, as well as at the address indicated in the Legal Notice, in which case we will process your data to respond to your request or consult as detailed in our Privacy Policy.