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Additional features

Choose your editor

Select your editor from a database of specialised professionals.

From €10 per project.

Shorter charging time

Choose faster delivery in 24hrs or 48hrs. Our default is 72hrs.

From 15€ per project.

There has been a problem with the payment of the service

Check if you have any blockage with your electronic purchases from your bank. If this is not the case, write to or from our contact form.

Filmers and Makers Prices

To check the prices of the filmers go to the following link: there you can find all the information about our prices and how they are calculated. No hidden fees, we believe in transparency.


We charge a 5% service fee for the management of your project. It will always be included in the payment details. We believe in transparency.

Choose your editor

Within the base price, the self-assignment of a filmer and an editor is already included. In the case of the editor, the editor can be selected for an additional fee set by the freelancer.

Shorten delivery time

The turnaround time can be shortened for a fee of 50% of the total value of the edition price for a 48 hr turnaround and 75% for a 24 hr turnaround. Remember that the turnaround time starts to run once the project has been received and accepted by the maker.

Secure payment

Your money is protected throughout the entire checkout process. We have all the seals and encryption locks so you don't have to worry about that.

Cost of changing editor

When a publisher or maker does not accept your project but you have already paid for it, we will refund the extra money you have paid for it. To select a new one you will have to pay that extra or, in case you choose an auto-assignment, we will refund the money and charge you nothing extra.